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Category: Weaning

Let’s Talk About Weaning

If you’re looking at starting weaning or are getting towards that stage in your little one’s development and wonder how weaning can affect their milk feeds, naps and routine, then you are in the right place! Weaning is one of the most popular topics that I am asked about and so I wanted to share…
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The Weaning Journey Started Off Right

It’s impossible to avoid your toddler being a fussy eater but you can definitely make some decisions early on to help them to build positive behaviours around food. When I do troubleshooting on eating with my 1-1 clients, I often see toddlers only eating a handful of things and “that’s all they eat”, I’m told.…
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Signs Baby is ready for Weaning

So, you have managed to get through the first few months unscathed (more or less!), you are finally getting to grips with your baby, their routine, their needs and their funny little ways and now we are about to tip it all on its head and throw something else into the mix: weaning! As your…
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Halloween Baby & Toddler Recipe!

Lovely Fran from Wyld Cookery has put together this recipe for your little ones this Halloween! Wishing you all a Happy and Safe Halloween – even if it is just an excuse to dress your little ones in cute pumpkin outfits!   Pumpkin, Cheddar and Herb Muffins Makes approx 12 mini muffins 100g self raising…
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