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Tag: toddler tantrums

Encouraging Toddlers To Listen

It is really normal for toddlers not to listen. I firmly believe that reassurance is key because a lot of parents come to me and feel that their toddler is the only one who isn’t listening. I promise you that this is not the case: it’s very normal for toddlers not to listen at times.…
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Flying with a Toddler

This week I put a post out on Instagram asking all parents who have flown with toddlers for their tips, as Rupert, the hubby and I are soon to be taking our first long haul flight together as a family (other than when we flew long haul at 4 months and he slept the entire…
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Preparing for your Second Baby

As I move through my second pregnancy, I have been turning my attention to the full range of emotions that come from being about to bring a second baby into our family: excitement and trepidation seem to be the two main conflicting emotions that a lot of parents go through and both are absolutely natural…
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Long car journeys with babies and toddlers: tips and tricks for festive travel!

Lots of us will be facing long car journeys with babies and toddlers this Christmas and there might be that nagging feeling at the back of your mind that it’s not going to be easy. Once you’ve ticked off the Christmas shopping list, wrapped the presents, packed your bag, packed your little ones’ bags (and…
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Exhausted Mummies and Tantruming Toddlers….A Survival Guide…

Exhausted Mummies and Tantruming Toddlers…A Survival Guide to your child’s second year… For the first year of your little ones life, you were totally and utterly in awe of your cute little baby – who smiled and giggled on request and slept soundly during their lunch nap which meant you had time to catch up…
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