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Online potty training course

Stress-Free Potty Training

“Potty training” means to help your child to learn to use the potty or the toilet and to become independent in their toilet habits. If you listened to my first podcast episode on Parenting Through The Generations you’ll know that the way we parent has changed so significantly even in the past 30 years. With…
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Encouraging Toddlers To Listen

It is really normal for toddlers not to listen. I firmly believe that reassurance is key because a lot of parents come to me and feel that their toddler is the only one who isn’t listening. I promise you that this is not the case: it’s very normal for toddlers not to listen at times.…
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Christmas Travelling and Routines

Christmas travelling and routines

It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year! I just love Christmas and can’t wait to spend it with my boys and loved ones, but I know that for a lot of people, Christmas brings with it a lot of anxiety about travelling, staying elsewhere with their babies and change of routine. I wanted…
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The Art of Fussy Eating – Toddlers at The Table

For many parents, the start of the second year means the end of night feeds, sleep regressions and the beginning of new exciting physical development stages for your toddler. However, it also marks the onset of eating problems and fussiness over food groups. Whilst it is totally normal for your child to start testing boundaries,…
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Exhausted Mummies and Tantruming Toddlers….A Survival Guide…

Exhausted Mummies and Tantruming Toddlers…A Survival Guide to your child’s second year… For the first year of your little ones life, you were totally and utterly in awe of your cute little baby – who smiled and giggled on request and slept soundly during their lunch nap which meant you had time to catch up…
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