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Season 2 Episode 18: Baby Tongue Tie with Samantha Tanak

Does your baby have tongue tie? This can be a frustrating topic for any parent and it can be difficult to identify if your little one is struggling with it. In today’s episode, I speak with Samantha Tanak of Baby Tongue Tie all about tongue tie – some common signs to help you identify it…
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Season 2 Episode 17: Unpicking Self-Settling

If your little one is struggling with sleep – whether it’s early waking, multiple night wakings, or short daytime naps – you are not alone, but there are tools to help! In today’s episode, I talk all about self-settling – what it really means, how I have used this technique to help my clients (and…
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Season 2 Episode 16: Reflux and Milk

If your little one is struggling with symptoms of reflux, don’t worry – you are not alone! As a sleep consultant and mum of 2 reflux babies, I know this struggle is real! In today’s episode, I take you through the important topic of reflux as it relates to diet – how to know if…
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lunchtime nap package

Dropping Naps

From 3 naps to 2 From around about 3-4 months old, your baby will be getting to settling into 3 established, long, consolidated naps per day. When a baby is ready to drop a nap at around 5, 6 or 7 months old you might find they start waking early in the morning, perhaps their…
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Season 2 Episode 15: Choosing the Best Childcare Setting for Your Little One

Are you thinking about returning to work? Maybe you just need a little child-free time to get some things done? In today’s episode, I give you the scoop on the three most common childcare providers – what they each provide, and the most important factors for you to consider so you can choose the best…
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Online toddler sleep course

Napping Outside The Home

With the return to childcare after lockdowns or after a period of being looked after by family members, this transition can affect your little one’s naps and, therefore, sleep routine. The main concern on this topic that I hear from parents is “I don’t want to have to be at home every day for the…
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Season 2 Episode 14: Making Sleep Flexible

Your little one is now in a good, structured routine and their sleep is sorted, but now you’re wondering – how on earth do I maintain this lovely sleep and still have a life outside the house? In today’s episode, I take you through my top tips for helping your little one sleep while you’re…
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Early Waking Uncovered

Early waking seems to be a problem that I am contacted about a lot and so I wanted to dive into the many factors that affect early morning waking. So often reasons why your little one is waking early are child-specific so, if you find that all of these tips don’t help you improve on…
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Season 2 Episode 13: Tips for Toddler Night Waking

If you have a toddler that is struggling with frequent night wakings – whether this issue has been ongoing since day dot, or is a recent issue – then tune in, because this episode is for you! On this week’s show, I talk all about toddler night waking (12 months and up) – how much…
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Season 2 Episode 12: Put Play in Your Day with Play Coach Claire Russell

It’s hard to balance being a busy parent with keeping our little ones entertained. But if we think outside the box, there are many opportunities to bring more play into our day – without spending more money or even leaving the house! In today’s episode, I talk with the Play Coach for Parents and playHOORAY!…
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Season 2 Episode 11: Celebrating 10 Years of The Parent and Baby Coach!

Happy birthday to The Parent and Baby Coach! This month we are celebrating 10 years in business (yay!) and in today’s episode, I share the background on how it all came to be – from my first childcare job, to starting my own company (and the massive role social media has played in its growth),…
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Season 2 Episode 10: The Gut & Sleep Q&A

To wrap up our gut and tummy series, we have a special Q&A episode for you – all around the tummy and sleep! In today’s episode, Rebecca (aka The Gut Guru) and I answer the questions submitted by you, the listener, on – diet and probiotics, their relationship to your little one’s gut health, and…
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online baby sleep course for ages 5 months to 12 months

Understanding Your Baby’s Sleep Cycles

Sleep cycles are something that we see written and spoken about a lot but, ultimately, I think a really good understanding of what a sleep cycle means and how it affects your baby’s sleep is really quite important to know. As well as the dreaded and much awaited 4 month sleep regression – is it…
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Season 2 Episode 9: Top Tips for Well-Being in Pregnancy with Rosie Stockley

I know sometimes during pregnancy it can feel quite difficult to find the time and energy to take care of our physical and mental well-being, but it is so important! In today’s show, I invite pre and post-natal exercise specialist, Rosie Stockley, to talk about wellness and exercise in pregnancy. We discuss the do’s and…
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Season 2 Episode 8: Let’s Talk About Weaning

If you’re looking at starting weaning or you’ve already started and just need some guidance – then you’re in the right place! On this fourth episode of my gut and tummy series, I dive into weaning – how it affects your little one’s sleep, their tummy, and how to fit weaning into a routine to…
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Baby being swaddled by baby sleep coach

The Things That No One Tells You About Those Early Days of Sleep

One thing that people never tell you when you have a newborn is that, if you can put good sleep practices in place from the start, then you’ll be much less likely to need to do anything drastic further down the line. I often like to start working with 1-1 clients from around the 5…
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Season 2 Episode 7: The Breastfeeding Basics

If you are pregnant and looking to breastfeed, or if you’re in your first few months of breastfeeding, then this episode is for you! This week I am going over the breastfeeding basics – the advantages for your little one, how breastfeeding actually works, and how your diet relates to your baby’s breastfeeding experience and…
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Season 2 Episode 6: Managing Your Little One’s Reflux

If you’ve decided that your little one might be dealing with reflux, it might seem like the only solution is to wait and allow them to just, grow out of it. Well, I am here to tell you – it doesn’t have to be that way! On this second episode of my gut and tummy…
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