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How to Prepare your Little Person for the Winter Clock Change

Fall Back; How to Prepare your Little Person for the Winter Clock Change

Winter is fast approaching  and this means not only Halloween, Fireworks and Christmas, but also the clock change! Uh oh! Something that many of my lovely clients worry about, particularly when they have spent so long getting their little people into beautiful sleep and routine patterns only for it to be all thrown up into…
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My top 10 parenting tips

025: My Top 10 Parenting Tips

The parenting journey can be quite challenging, but with the right guidance and some support – it’s possible for your family to thrive! On today’s episode, I end series one with my TOP TEN tips to help you in your parenting journey and some things you can be doing today to promote a happy, calm…
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let's have a talk about reflux

024: Let’s Have a Talk About Reflux

If your baby is struggling with reflux or colic, there is always something you can do about it. So often we are told – it’s fine and they will grow out of it, but there are things you can do right now to make your baby more comfortable! On today’s episode I take you through…
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nurturing our relationships with michaela thomas

023: Nurturing Our Relationships with Michaela Thomas

When you bring a child into the family, everything changes. You and your partner might be so exhausted or overwhelmed that you are bickering or at odds because of it. And from one parent to another, I’ve been there! If you are currently struggling with balancing parenting and your relationship or want to do some…
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the truth about sleep training

022: The Truth about Sleep Training

As an experienced sleep consultant, I see many parents that struggle with their little ones settling or staying asleep. This is a very common problem, but the truth is – it does not have to be a problem for your family. There are gentle, loving ways to teach our children these essential sleep skills. On…
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the toddler cot to bed transition

021: The Toddler Cot to Bed Transition

You now have had some time with your little one sleeping soundly in their cot. And you might be thinking, is it time to move them to a bed? On today’s episode, I take you through the cot to bed transition – what to think about in advance, some tips on how to go about…
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combination feeding

020: Combination Feeding

You might find it can be a bit confusing and complicated in those early days of feeding to introduce a bottle to your baby. This can be even more daunting if you’ve been told that a bottle feed will confuse your little one and make breastfeeding impossible. On today’s episode, I share my top tips…
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toddler tantrums

019: Toddler Tantrums

The toddler years can be a tough time! Understanding your little one’s behavior is so important to improving the family dynamic and making sure they are happy and healthy. In today’s episode, I take you through toddler tantrums – what they are, why they happen and my top tips for dealing with them.  This episode…
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dads matter too

018: Dads Matter Too

This episode is dedicated to all the dads out there! In those early days there is so much emphasis on baby and mum, from labor and recovery to bringing your little one home, sometimes we forget to acknowledge that the father is going through a massive change too! Today I give you my top tips…
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The 4 month sleep regression

017: The 4 Month Sleep Regression

It’s possible that within the first 3 to 5 months of your baby’s life, sleep came pretty naturally; you may have experienced long sleep stretches at night and some longer naps during the day, BUT now the dreaded night wakings are starting to pop up and naps are getting shorter! Don’t despair – this regression…
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Toddler Sleep Phases

016: Toddler Sleep Phases

You have a toddler now! And although this stage brings some more fun and your child is more active and independent, it also comes with some new challenges. On today’s episode, I take you through the 3 major bedtime hurdles for toddlers and my top tips on how you can best deal with them and…
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preparing for second baby

015: Preparing for Second Baby

Thinking about bringing a second baby into your family can be a little daunting. And yes, there are many struggles when introducing a brand new baby into the mix, but there are so many beautiful, life-changing moments that come with it! Today I will take you through my top tips for coping with this transition…
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nobody tells you with Becca Maberly

014: Nobody Tells You with Becca Maberly

Have you heard of the secret mum club where all the helpful, honest advice about pregnancy, birth, and parenthood is kept? Becca Maberly, pregnancy and postnatal expert and author of “Nobody Tells You”, has created just that! Today I’m joined by Becca as she shares the big things they don’t tell you about birth, breastfeeding…
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dropping naps

013: Dropping Naps

You may be asking yourself if now is the time to drop that third or second nap, or your child’s nap all together. I am here to tell you that it is possible to get through this time with some ease, no matter what nap transition your child is going through! On today’s episode, I…
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napping outside the home

012: Napping Outside The Home

Are you feeling uneasy as we start to transition out of quarantine and back into childcare? Are you worried all your hard work with self-settling and a sleep routine will be ruined? Worry not, lovely, because today I’m sharing my top tips for keeping routines consistent and helping your baby become confident to settle down…
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why I don't believe in colic

011: Why I Don’t Believe In Colic

It’s late, your baby has been crying for over 3 hours and you’ve pulled out your last strand of hair BECAUSE IT’S BEEN HAPPENING FOR WEEKS! Telling us it’s colic and they will get over it is not good enough; not for me, and not for my clients! In today’s episode I am going to…
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early waking uncovered

010: Early Waking Uncovered

Tell me, how does your day look when your child wakes up 3 hours before you do? Is everyone patient with each other? Does everyone have a smile on their face? Absolutely not! And that is why, for my 10th episode, we are going to talk about the number one reason why my clients get…
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Raising curious and inclusive children

Raising Curious and Inclusive Children

We have been shocked and saddened at recent events in the US and the killing of ablack man by a white policeman, which has brought to the forefront of our mindsthe complex topic that is racism and white privilege.  Although we are by no means experts in this field and are very much still learninglike…
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Why Setting up Sleep from an Early Age has Huge Benefits for Everyone

Why Setting up Sleep from an Early Age has huge Benefits for Everyone

When I am working with clients on their little ones sleep, one of the most common questions I often get is “what could I have done earlier on to avoid having to do sleep coaching now”, or “Is there any thing I can do with my second child so that we get things right from…
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stress free potty training

009: Stress-Free Potty Training

Potty training can be a joy, I promise! It can be a time where your toddler becomes a little more independent and confident and you get a break from all the nappy changes. For most though, it is a stressful time and can leave you feeling stuck. So for today’s episode, we are going to…
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