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Channel 5 News

Heidi was featured on Channel 5 news with her thoughts on potty training.

The Not So Perfect Napper and Reflux

There I said it! My baby does not sleep perfectly! It’s probably one of the most frustrating things to admit when your sole job is getting babies to sleep well – but it is true. See the thing is, in my workshops and with private clients, I will always tell parents that you can always…
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Setting up The Parent and Baby Coach: My Story

Having worked with non-sleeping babies and misbehaving toddlers for over 8 years now, I am very much used to functioning on very little sleep. Being in my early 30’s, meant that much of my 20’s life was spent staying overnight at family’s homes, helping parents with getting their little ones to sleep better at night…
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Establishing Good Baby Sleep Habits from Birth…

Establishing Good Baby Sleep Habits from Birth…

Nearly every client I meet will ask me “But how could I have stopped my baby sleeping badly in the first place?”. The answer is usually very simple, unless baby has had medical issues, there are LOTS of things you can do from birth to establish good sleep habits. Your baby is born having been…
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