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Christmas Travelling and Routines

Sorting Sleep for Christmas

The gift of sleep for Christmas is probably what most parents want the most! In this post I want to share my biggest tips for sorting your little one’s sleep for the festive period and beyond. Focus on your little one’s daytime sleep first Of course, everyone wants sleep at night time but the daytime…
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My Top 10 Parenting Tips

In this blog post I am sharing my Top 10 Parenting Tips, something I’m often asked about and I wanted to record them for you here! These are the things that I wish every parent knew in that first year of parenting – please do share with a friend or anyone who is expecting for…
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The Truth about Sleep Training

The idea of sleep training and it being a very negative thing that you can do for your child can be controversial. As times change and we are looking at child development differently to how we did even ten or twenty years ago, and I think that the umbrella term of ‘sleep training’ is much…
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The 4 Month Sleep Regression

Personally, I believe that regression is a term that links to stages of development that can affect sleep temporarily. This regression physically matches when the brain goes through some development in terms of its sleep science. There is always a reason for a regression and they don’t always happen to every child. If you have…
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lunchtime nap package

Dropping Naps

From 3 naps to 2 From around about 3-4 months old, your baby will be getting to settling into 3 established, long, consolidated naps per day. When a baby is ready to drop a nap at around 5, 6 or 7 months old you might find they start waking early in the morning, perhaps their…
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Online toddler sleep course

Napping Outside The Home

With the return to childcare after lockdowns or after a period of being looked after by family members, this transition can affect your little one’s naps and, therefore, sleep routine. The main concern on this topic that I hear from parents is “I don’t want to have to be at home every day for the…
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Early Waking Uncovered

Early waking seems to be a problem that I am contacted about a lot and so I wanted to dive into the many factors that affect early morning waking. So often reasons why your little one is waking early are child-specific so, if you find that all of these tips don’t help you improve on…
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Let’s Talk Routines!

The word routine brings dread to so many people but also can bring confidence and joy. It’s a controversial word, I know. What is a routine? A routine is a sequence of actions regularly followed. Doesn’t sound that bad, does it?! As parents of a small baby or toddler,we mean a routine is a structure…
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