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Signs Baby is ready for Weaning

Signs Baby is ready for Weaning


So, you have managed to get through the first few months unscathed (more or less!), you are finally getting to grips with your baby, their routine, their needs and their funny little ways and now we are about to tip it all on its head and throw something else into the mix: weaning!

As your baby approaches the six months mark, you’re probably getting inundated with well-meaning friends and relatives asking how you’re going to approach weaning your baby. It can be quite overwhelming, particularly if this is your first child, and so I have put together a helpful list of signs to look out for, to take some of the fear out of weaning. As well as that, I have suggested some equipment that can take make life easier for you and baby. There’s no doubt that weaning can be messy (!) but it is, also, such a fun, exciting milestone to explore together. Enjoy it and let it be a brilliant step to starting your little one on the road to healthy eating.

Common signs that baby is ready to start weaning:

  • Waking more frequently at night (if they’re normally a good sleeper).
  • Holding their head up / sitting up so that they can sit and be fed.
  • Showing a keen interest in food. Have they started to grab your food or, maybe, starting making noises and opening their mouth when they watch you eat?
  • Good co-ordination.


There are LOADS of products on the market but, from experience, these are my top recommendations:

  1. Bibetta long sleeved bibs – these are just fantastic! They are made of neoprene so super easy to wash and the front pouch catches lots of spillages! Use the discount code BIB-PABC at the checkout on their website for 15% off: www.bibetta.com.
  2. Ikea Antilop high chair
  3. Soft tip spoons
  4. Plastic bowls
  5. First Water beaker
  6. Next/follow on water beaker
  7. Pelican bibs
  8. Silicone storage trays
  9. Larger portion Silicone trays
  10. Freezer bags and sharpie
  11. Flannel/different colour jay cloth
  12. Food processor/stick blender
  13. Steamer/pans
  14. Mini cool bag
  15. Dustbuster or a dog – come into their own at circa 9 months!

The key thing to remember is that this is such an exciting time for baby and you; allow them to explore their senses and taste buds and remember to take lots of pictures!

Heidi x