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Season 3 Episode 11: Emotion Coaching for Toddlers

Season 3 Episode 11: Emotion Coaching for Toddlers

It isn’t always easy to understand and work through big emotions with our little ones, is it? 

But how we are spoken to as small children can massively impact how we go on to embrace, show, and control our emotions! So, in today’s episode, I am taking a look at emotion coaching and breaking down some of the components you can use with your small children to teach them the tools and skills they need to begin recognizing and accepting their own emotions. And make sure you tune in until the end – I have a little surprise guest for you, and you won’t want to miss it! 

This episode is for you if you want to learn:

  • What emotion coaching actually means and why you might want to do it with your little one!
  • A breakdown of the FOUR important components of emotion coaching for toddlers
  • The very FIRST thing to work on when coaching your toddler through an emotion (hint: this one is about you!)
  • Some practical advice when you’re struggling with what to say to your little one when they are having a big emotion
  • Tips for when your toddler is acting in a way that isn’t appropriate (hitting, biting, etc.)
  • Some unique insight from my special little guest!
  • And more

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