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Saving the Environment – One nappy at a time!

Saving the Environment – One nappy at a time!


Review of the Kit and Kin nappy brand

I started 2018 a lot more mindful of our family impact on the environment, having had a baby very recently. Not only that, but Veganuary was kicking off, and social media was awash with pictures of sea life dying from plastic consumption from a recent Blue Planet episode. It is hard not to escape the feeling that our children might not know the world as it is now to us, so we decided it was time to try and make a difference and one of these changes would involve nappies.

At the Kit and Kin party last year, I was shocked to hear that a normal nappy takes up to 500 years to biodegrade. This is just appalling and not something I had ever really thought about, but when you add up how many nappies a day you use, and what that adds up to over a week, month and a year – the impact on the environment is huge. It became obvious to me that a brand such as Kit and Kin would be worth looking in to. I have to be honest and admit that reusable nappies are not something that I am so keen on , but this seemed like an excellent alternative.
The Kit and Kin team have come up with an environmentally friendly nappy which biodegrades in just 3 to 6 years, that is just 1% of the time it takes a “normal” nappy to finally disappear. The difference is unbelievable. If every nappy was to be this way, just imagine how much of a difference this would make to the planet for our future children.

Other organic nappy brands that I have come across in the past have never quite been as absorbent as the average nappy, which means they have been a less obvious choice for many of my clients. When using the Kit and Kin nappies with our little man, I could immediately notice that these nappies were on another level to those other natural nappy brands. In fact, we didn’t really miss the nappies we had been using, and what’s more these come with adorable little animal faces on which made his little bottom look even cuter than it ever has. There was no nappy rash and I also felt good putting my baby into these nappies, knowing how much better they are for the environment.
Alongside nappies, Kit and Kin also have a range of gentle baby products that are made from kind ingredients. Our little man has had sensitive skin which hasn’t been helped by a cows milk allergy, however the hair and body wash and baby bath soap has been fantastic and are not overpowering in smell like some baby bath brands. The nappy balm is our particular favourite as the ingredients are 100% natural and really help his little bottom on days where his stinky allergenic milk has made him a little bit red and sore.

Where’s the catch? There genuinely isn’t one. Ok, so they are slightly more expensive than your normal brands, but given we are looking to go more “green” as a family, this is a really obvious way of doing it. It might cost a little more but it is a sure fire way of making a difference. Kit and Kin will also buy one acre of rainforest for every ten subscriptions and although this is a tiny area in comparison to what is being ripped down every day, starting small is at least a start in the fight against keeping the rainforest alive.
I was lucky enough to meet Emma (aka Baby Spice!!!) who started the Kit and Kin brand I genuinely wish her all the success with it. We are big fans and have recently signed up for our monthly subscription. If more celebrities used their high profile status to come up with ways of protecting the environment for future generations, then the world would surely be a happier, kinder place.