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Recent Testimonials from Clients…

Recent Testimonials from Clients…


I often have clients ask, “Does this service really work?” or “How easily will my Baby Sleep though” – so by posting a few recent testimonials I can offer you concrete evidence that it really is possible to solve your problems and all you need is a little confidence in yourself, your baby and the support that you are receiving! Enjoy…

We called Heidi when our four month old twins were constantly waking at night for their dummies and not settling for naps during the day.  My husband and I were at wits end with our lovely girls having gone thru many sleepless nights, however after our consultation with Heidi we felt re-energized and confident we could get things back on track.  We were never fans of the crying it out method, however with Heidi’s plan we were able to cuddle and support our girls through the process, which meant a lot.  After a weekend of sticking with Heidi’s plan we saw a huge improvement with the girls; they were beginning to sleep for longer stretches at night and the daytime naps were becoming a bit more structured.  Now two months after we began our sleep training we are a happy household – the twins sleep extremely well during the night and they go down for their daytime naps without protest.  On the odd occasion that the girls play up during their sleeps we revert back to the plan and get them back on track.  Since starting the sleep training our girls are very predictable and happy and I find they are more flexible too.  The best part is that I am not strapped to the house during nap times!  I really couldn’t recommend Heidi enough – she certainly gave us our life back and her help made me feel like a confident mom again.  If we ever find ourselves needing some help with the girls again in future I will not hesitate to call Heidi for help! Mrs J, Balham.

Heidi was referred to us by two of the girls from our Wandsworth twins club. We met Heidi when the twins were about 7 weeks old. I was in such a state when she came in, we were tired as the boys were screaming non-stop and we didn’t get any sleep because we were feeding them. I have no words to describe how I was feeling. That was when we accepted that we needed someone to come and save our lives and that is exactly what Heidi did.

She stayed with us for approximately 6 weeks. I will never forget the night she came in and held L**** (the one that would never settle before 10pm – colic/reflux) and she just held him, he was calm straight away. We could then have a conversation on what our plans were. From that moment I knew I was leaving the boys in good hands for the nights to come… And there it was our very first night: we managed to have our first night of 6 hours of straight sleep since the boys arrived. I can’t describe how good we felt after a few night like this.

Heidi came in, introduced a routine (both night and day having the day as the most important one). I must say the method is not easy, especially when you are exhausted but she was available on the other side of the phone literally any time of the day and night, to ensure that it worked. Plus the constant reassurance helped and I can now see that it’s something that stays for a long time if you have discipline like we do.

Heidi reduced the boys night feeds from 3 to 1 and I could have a life again. She is amazing and she saved our lives! I couldn’t recommend her enough. She also helped with transitioning to weaning which was great. I suggest you give her a ring and chat to her and see what she can do for you and whether or not she would be the right one to fulfil your needs now. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have questions happy to help. Our boys are now 8 months and still happy and following their routine nicely. We can say that we are a happy family and a big thanks goes to Heidi!! Xxx Mrs W, Clapham.

From my initial consultation with Heidi, she was reassuring and confident, offering advice and insight into ways to help my baby sleep better. As a second baby, I felt like I should remember everything…but have learnt that every baby is different so sometimes taking a different approach is needed. Heidi gave me the confidence to try a new routine and help my baby learn to self settle. Having her at the end of the phone or email was incredibly reassuring and she was a voice of calm and reason when tiredness was falter. My baby now sleeps through most nights and we’re are making great progress with our daytime sleeps. More importantly I now feel in control, most of which is down to Heidi. I would highly recommend talking to Heidi and trusting her advice. Mrs H, Barnes.

When my husband and I had our first baby we knew we wanted some help but we didn’t know what. As with everything to do with babies, we were given a range of conflicting recommendations, from 24 hour a day maternity nurses for 2 weeks, to maternity hotels, to nothing because it might impede the bond with your baby. I had read a few books on raising a newborn and getting them into a sleeping regime, and felt overwhelmed and confused.

Heidi was a complete revelation. We met a few weeks before the birth and she gave me invaluable tips on what to buy and feeding/sleeping regimes in the early days. She told me to throw away the baby books because she was my manual- she was right!Heidi gave invaluable advice on every issue we faced from winding to breastfeeding to baby massage. It was like having a manual tailor-made to our baby and only a text message away.Heidi also helped us gain confidence in our own parenting abilities, and encouraged us to enjoy ourselves! We even went out to dinner when our daughter was 5 weeks old and left her with Heidi- testament I think to the confidence we felt in her.

I could go on forever about how amazing Heidi is. But the key point is this: she gave us the confidence and the respite to enjoy our baby. What could be more important than that? So whenever my friends announce they are pregnant, my advice is to save their money on swanky prams and maternity retreats: all they need is Heidi! Mrs L, Barnes.