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Parenting Packages

As The Parent and Baby Coach, I offer a range of packages to suit both your needs, your family and your budget. Whether you wish to work with me in your home to help establish great feeding and sleeping habits, or prefer to work over the phone, there are different options to suit your specific needs.

Most of my work with clients is done remotely and I cover any country that allows me to dial them – from Zambia to New Zealand and beyond – my encouraging and empowering packages have helped thousands of parents all over the globe.


Whether you are looking to reduce night waking’s or establish a day time napping routine, I offer various Sleep Packages for you and your little one.


My specialist area is Reflux and sensitive tummies! If your baby is struggling but you can’t seem to find the right advice and support, have a look at my Reflux packages.


Balancing breastfeeding and giving a bottle is not always easy. Click here for advice on how best to do this alongside help with introducing a bottle.


Weaning may be up and running but you are encountering texture issues, or perhaps you need some guidance on how best to get started. Click here for support!


Those “terrible twos” can be tough and understanding how your toddler works can really be key in improving both their behaviour but also your family dynamic too.


Starting potty training can be overwhelming, as can troubleshooting if you have been at it for a while and it doesn’t seem to be improving. I can help with a Potty SOS call.