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The Online Toddler sleep course

Tackling toddlers…your precious baby is now walking, maybe even talking and all of a sudden things feel a little more chaotic! The Toddler Sleep & Behaviour Course aims to take you through the second year with everything you need to know about managing tantrums, missing naps and getting to grips with any sleep disruption. A full nights sleep and a calm and contented toddler is what this course is all about.

Feel full of confidence at getting to grips with your toddlers sleep and behaviour

By looking at behaviour as a way of tackling any sleep problems, we get a clearer understanding of what might be going on for your little one. The toddler years are full of “stages” – separation anxiety, starting childcare and more. The Toddler Sleep Course aims to tackle these with ease so that you feel full of confidence at getting to grips with your toddlers sleep and behaviour too.


Some of the things Heidi talks about when it comes to my toddler’s behaviour, I hadn’t even considered… I am so grateful to have done this course – absolute life saver

This course is perfect for you if:

you are struggling with your toddlers “meltdowns”, are hoping for a full nights sleep, if your toddler relies on you to fall asleep and you would like to change that, or if you have nap confusion and want to work out what sort of routine will help your toddler best.


About Heidi

Heidi works as The Parent and Baby Coach, empowering and enabling parents with knowledge and advice on all areas of early years parenting.

With 18 years experience in childcare and consulting, Heidi has used her previous years of experience and success stories with 1000’s of clients, to create a set of online Parenting courses, to help parents understand key subjects including; Sleep, Weaning, Potty Training and Toddler Behaviour.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts as and when you purchase it and ends after 12 months. This allows plenty of time to come back to the bits that you will find useful at later stages. The course is aimed at toddlers from 12 months through to 2 years, but much of the material will be useful for toddlers over and above age 2.

Does the course come with a guarantee?

The success of any sleep coaching will always depend on several factors, including some that we cannot allow for such as medical issues and consistency of the plan being implemented itself. However, having had many success stories, we believe that by using all of the information given in the course, you are likely to see a vast change in your toddlers sleep and overall behaviour too!

Is there an option for follow on support?

In short, yes! Heidi has a 30 minute call that you can purchase at a discounted price with a link that is included towards the end of the course. Some clients need that extra 1-1 to just discuss their options, or perhaps troubleshoot when things don’t appear to be going so well.

As a mother of two boys as well as a sleep coach, it really is my biggest passion that sleep information should be accessible to everyone. There is no need to just “survive” parenting in the first few years purely just because broken nights are normal. Normal can be exactly what you want it to be and if you are here hoping for sleep, then we can definitely get that for you. These courses are designed with you in mind, allowing you to pick and choose your approach to meet your parenting style and needs. My wish for you is that the whole family can benefit from a good night’ sleep, making the sometimes long and difficult days as a parenting all that more joyful.

What other parents are saying:

After 18 months of no sleep, we decided to download the Toddler Sleep Course and it is no joke that after just 3 nights, after 18 long months, we had a 7-7 sleeper. We couldn’t be more surprised.

When our 13 month old started waking 4 times in the night, I just assumed we had to see it out, that was until we found the course. After a week of reading the notes and watching the videos, we are now all getting a full 11 hours sleep. Incredible.

Heidi has so much hands on experience which really comes across in the course content. Thank you Heidi for not only giving us the gift of sleep but also giving us the confidence to parent how we feel best for our child.