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The Online Newborn sleep course

Bringing baby into the world is such an amazing experience but it can also be overwhelming when your baby doesn’t come with a manual! So many parents feel they have to just get through the fourth trimester, but the reality is far from this. The newborn sleep course aims to give you all of the advice you need to help you and your baby on the way to settled nights, peaceful naps and for your baby to be happy and comfortable.

Do you want to build healthy and long lasting sleep habits?

Not sleeping does not have to be your normal! Yes newborns wake up often but there is so much information that you can know to help you along the way. This course gives you everything you need to know, at every step of the way in the first four months, to help you build healthy and long lasting sleep habits, leading to longer night stretches and a confident and calm sleeper.


With Heidi’s course my baby was sleeping for 10 hour stetches at 12 weeks of age. We felt empowered with all of the information given and are so happy we chose to do the course.

This course is perfect for you if:

you are expecting a baby, or have a newborn who is not sleeping all that well and you’d like to know what you can do to improve sleep for both them and the whole family.

This is what the course includes:

We cover everything from skin to skin with your baby, when to introduce a bottle and how, settling techniques, awake windows, information on helping sleep along even when breastfeeding…basically everything you need to know to set up brilliant sleep habits from early on, but also whilst being able to hold, cuddle and have your baby on you. There is no one set approach and this course gives practical yet loving advice on newborn sleep.


About Heidi

Heidi works as The Parent and Baby Coach, empowering and enabling parents with knowledge and advice on all areas of early years parenting.

With 18 years experience in childcare and consulting, Heidi has used her previous years of experience and success stories with 1000’s of clients, to create a set of online Parenting courses, to help parents understand key subjects including; Sleep, Weaning, Potty Training and Toddler Behaviour.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts as and when you purchase it and ends after 6 months. This gives you time to sign up before baby arrives, and will take you right though to 4 months of age. The hope is that you will not need to work on sleep too much after this point as we are trying to set up sleep habits from early on, but in the event that you need to work on sleep again then the Baby Sleep Course can be purchased from 5 months onwards.

Does the course come with a guarantee?

This course is about setting up sleep from early on, without putting too much pressure on parents to “get it right”. There are no guarantees as to how long your baby will sleep for as this is so individual – some babies may be doing 12 hours by 3 months and others will still need to feed at night time. The information in the course is designed to give you everything you need to know about newborn sleep so that you have the confidence to work on sleep at a pace that best suits you and your family.

Is there an option for follow on support?

In short, yes! Heidi has a 30 minute call that you can purchase at a discounted price with a link that is included towards the end of the course. Some babies need a little bit more support and guidance, so if that sounds like you or you just want to talk it through with someone who has not only done it twice herself, but also lives and breathes baby sleep, then do get in touch.

As a mother of two boys as well as a sleep coach, it really is my biggest passion that sleep information should be accessible to everyone. There is no need to just “survive” parenting in the first few years purely just because broken nights are normal. Normal can be exactly what you want it to be and if you are here hoping for sleep, then we can definitely get that for you. These courses are designed with you in mind, allowing you to pick and choose your approach to meet your parenting style and needs. My wish for you is that the whole family can benefit from a good night’ sleep, making the sometimes long and difficult days as a parenting all that more joyful.

What other parents are saying:

My first baby was a non-sleeper and I was sure not to repeat this second time around. Having a step by step guide gave me all of the confidence I needed to be able to put in place excellent sleep habits from early on. I only wish I had done the same first time around.

With Heidi’s help our little one was sleeping all night long from 3.5 months. Friends of ours still have babies that wake regularly and we always refer them back to her.

Having someone who really understands the impact that colic can have on sleep has been paramount in my journey with sleep. Heidi’s advice is like having a best friend on your shoulder, coaching you along without being at all judgemental. A great find.