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Online Baby Sleep & Routine Course

Online Baby Sleep & Routine Course

Online Baby Sleep & Routine Course

If you follow me on social media, then you may have seen that on March 1st I launched a super duper new product and I took a very exciting step in my business by producing the Online Baby Sleep & Routine Course. I wanted to take the time to write about this process and record why I have set it up, as well as my plans for the future.

I have been running the Baby Sleep & Routine Course in London for 6 years now and I absolutely love it: from meeting the parents who come along tired and a bit lost, to witnessing them leave the course with a firm plan, armed with a new routine to follow and sleep coaching tips to get their babies sleeping better really does light me up and make me feel the most amazing job satisfaction. However, I felt as if I was constantly being asked via email or in my social media inboxes : ‘why is your course only available in London?’ or things like ‘will you be coming to Wales to deliver your course?’. And this got me thinking. Over time, I started to realise that the growth of online courses and technology meant that I would be able to support even more sleepy parents across the globe, not just within the M25, if I branched out and created my course to be available for anyone to buy online. So the idea for the Online Baby Sleep & Routine Course was born!

With my assistant, Natalia, we had the content of my course recorded and then edited. This was a fun process, but felt quite different from speaking in front of a live audience! The content of the course mirrors the workshops; with the same science, routines, explanations of baby sleep associations, advice on how to break barriers to sleep with tables, images and – well – everything, really, that my London workshop contains! The only difference is that this course is now available for you to access, for a period of 10 days, from the comfort of your pjs in your own home! The course availability is for 10 days from the time that you have purchased it. I felt that 10 days access to the course is reflected in both the price and the similarity to my face to face workshops that I continue to run in London, with both workshop and online course attendees getting the chance to ask questions and go through the material needed to help with their baby.

For me, the best bits about the online course are;

-The flexibility it allows – being a parent and committing to a set date workshop can sometimes mean things don’t always go to plan and that baby gets unwell or something. Having a whole ten days access to a course means that you get t move through it in at your own pace!

-You can stop, start, and re-watch parts of it! Which is fab as it means that you can take it all on board whilst being able to parent at the same time too.

-It contains routines that you need for all ages up until 12 months, so once your baby is sleeping well you also know how they will progress moving forwards.

-There is still the chance to ask questions in the Baby Sleep Facebook Group – just as you would in the live workshop itself!

So far, feedback has been amazing! I have absolutely loved all of your wonderful, kind emails that have been bouncing into my inbox and I’m just thrilled to have increased the reach of support and expertise that I am able to offer as The Parent and Baby Coach.

With my second son arriving into the world in May, it has also allowed me to explore more flexible working possibilities to build around my own family, which is something I am a keen advocate of.

In future, I have great plans afoot to record more of my face to face workshops so that they, too, will be available to buy and access online. I’d love to know which you’d most like featured, so do drop me a line or complete the poll on my Instagram stories.

Until then, here’s the link, if you’d like to take a look at the course content and purchase it.

Heidi x