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My Top 10 Parenting Tips

My Top 10 Parenting Tips

In this blog post I am sharing my Top 10 Parenting Tips, something I’m often asked about and I wanted to record them for you here! These are the things that I wish every parent knew in that first year of parenting – please do share with a friend or anyone who is expecting for some love and support.

Always trust your instinct when it comes to parenting your child

This has become so much harder in the age of the internet as advice can be everywhere and the noise can be overwhelming. Whatever you choose to do, ensure it goes along with what your instinct is telling you. Advice needs to sit right with you and, ultimately, you know your baby best. If you work with someone for feeding or sleep, ensure that they are aligned with you and your beliefs around parenting.

Introduce a bottle early on

We are often told not to give a bottle for at least 6 weeks to allow Mummy to establish breastfeeding, but you can quite easily add in a bottle to your baby’s diet from the first couple of weeks and still breastfeed successfully.

Set up healthy sleep habits from early on

If you introduce healthy sleep habits from early on, you won’t need sleep training later on. These could be things such as: looking at sleep environment, awake windows and routines.

Carve out time for you

This may feel indulgent but self-care is so important for new parents. Having some time to exercise, get a hair cut, go for a walk by yourself – it really does help.

Recognise that all behaviour is communication

Whether it is sleep, toddler tantrums or feeding issues – your child is trying to tell you something. It is entirely likely there is something that they need support with, trust your instinct if you feel they’re communicating something to you, even from a young age.


Mindfulness has so many benefits and can be so beneficial in parenting. I use breathing techniques and mindful moments that I learned in birthing classes to help me to stay present with my children and I really recommend it. Breathing in for 4 and out for 8 seconds can be so helpful and make tricky situations easier to deal with.


Whether you are going back to work or don’t require childcare – introducing a third person outside of your immediate family and trusting them with your little one for a couple of hours to allow you and your partner some time to yourself can be so beneficial. It is also great for allowing baby to get used to being with someone that isn’t Mummy or Daddy.

It doesn’t matter if they don’t finish their meal – do not stress!

I think the old school way of looking at a child’s eating is that they must finish everything on their plate but I believe that forcing children to eat everything on their plate can provide anxiety for both parents and children. Try to encourage eating to be a pleasurable, explorative and enjoyable experience and stay away from allowing stress to creep into mealtimes.

Give your partner a pat on the back

A huge life change has occurred and tension can develop in your relationship when you have a baby. Accept the brilliant change to your lives and try to communicate clearly and provide space to your relationship as well as being a parent; remembering how much you love each other.

Be kind to your selves

I truly believe that kindness is the most important thing that you can show yourself, as a Mother or Father. Acknowledge what you have achieved, be kind to yourself and take things easy in that first year. You have created a beautiful human being and, at times, things can be really difficult, but I believe that being kind and compassionate to yourself can reduce stress and worry and remind yourself of how amazing you are.


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