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Keeping Your Little One Safe in the Sun This Summer

Keeping Your Little One Safe in the Sun This Summer

Keeping Your Little One Safe in the Sun This Summer

Summer is officially here and we have some lovely weather ahead this week. While we will be heading outdoors with the whole family to enjoy the sun, our little ones need a little extra attention in terms of their sun protection so here are a few tips to keep your little people safe in the coming weeks (and hopefully even months too!).

Always remember to apply sunscreen for babies over 6m of age – even if it’s a somewhat overcast day. All sunscreen used on little ones should be UVA and UVB protective and make sure to use a factor 50. Sunscreen should be reapplied every 2 hours, or more often if they’re sweating or playing in water as the sun’s reflection on the water and onto their bodies can higher the chance of burning.

Try to keep little children out of the sun between 11am and 3pm, when the sun is typically at its hottest.  Don’t forget to put sunhats on your little ones with a brim of at least 3 inches, and to keep them hydrated.

Offer water every 15-30 minutes, even if they don’t feel like water at that particular moment, toddlers need a constant reminder, especially so when they are playing and having fun. Babies over 6 months can enjoy cooled boiled water in between feeds, and if you’re still breastfeeding (any age), you can offer breastfeeds more often.

A few great ideas for keeping little ones cool is to include water play, whilst always ensuring they are supervised, and some frozen fruit and water as ice lollies. These will also help keep them hydrated without them even realising it! You can even try the delicious smoothie lolly recipe at the end of this post.

Many stores sell full piece swimming shirts or costumes, with some of them even including UVA, UVB or SPF protection in the costume. This is great for water play and adds extra protection while they’re enjoying splashing about.

Whilst indoors, leave the curtains closed if that bedroom gets direct sunlight to keep the room cooler for bedtime. A fan (not directly onto baby) in the room will also help with circulating the air. A nifty little trick of putting a frozen bottle of water or bowl of water in front of the fan will also keep the room cooler. Spraying the curtains with cold water whilst leaving the window open will also help lower the temperature slightly.

Enjoy summer 2022 with your family whilst ensuring your little ones don’t get burnt, heatstroke or heat exhaustion. We definitely want more fun than tears (from both parents and children) this summer!

Summer Berry Ice Lollies

200g frozen berries
300ml unsweetened almond milk or water
6 tablespoons natural yogurt
1 super-ripe banana
Added ingredient – 1 tablespoon of seeds like chia, flax or sunflower

Add all the ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth. If you’ve used almond milk, blend until it’s at its smoothest and add a little water to thin it out slightly. Once blended, pour the mixture into ice lolly moulds and freeze.


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