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Flying with a Toddler

Flying with a Toddler

This week I put a post out on Instagram asking all parents who have flown with toddlers for their tips, as Rupert, the hubby and I are soon to be taking our first long haul flight together as a family (other than when we flew long haul at 4 months and he slept the entire 10 hours but little bubba’s are so much easier to keep still!). I’ve had plenty of practice flying with babies in my previous life as a nanny but flying with a super active toddler is a different ball game and so I wanted to know what essentials do you pack in your hand luggage to keep your toddlers contented? I wanted to know everything: the toys, kit, all those gems of information that you wish you’d known sooner! I was inundated with a brilliant wealth of tips and ideas from seasoned flyers and wanted to collate them into a blog post to share with you so that, if you are thinking of flying long haul this year with a toddler, then you need to look no further to get tips for making the flight as comfortable as possible for you and your toddler.

Tips: The Essentials

  • Make sure that your pushchair is clearly labelled, to prevent it from going missing. If, in the unlikely event that it does go missing, it will find its way back to you a lot quicker if it’s clearly labelled with your name, flight number, contact details and onward destination information.
  • A spare change of clothes (at least one) for your baby and for you.
  • A zip-lock bag to keep any dirty clothes in, to prevent them from dirtying everything else in your bag.
  • A Keep ‘Em Quiet bag – lots of you recommended these for different aged children.
  • Snacks, snacks and more snacks!
  • A couple of toys that you know they love.
  • A book that they’re familiar with and will help them to feel calm.
  • A new book to engage and excite them.
  • A sticker book to give them an activity to focus on.
  • A colouring book with mini colouring pencils.
  • There are some great children’s apps that you can download onto your tablet in advance, that can be a real help.
  • you can find building blocks that pack away into a small bag, ideal for a bit of variety.
  • Puzzles – mini ones are available and easy to pack into your Toddler’s own bag.
  • Spare milk in a flash – in case of delays.
  • A Jet Kids case that turns into a bed.
  • Comfortable headphones for your little one.
  • Download music onto your phone for some quiet time or to assist with take off and landing.
  • Some small pots of playdough.
  • An Aquadoodle mat.
  • Crayola magic pens for mess-free colouring
  • Milton wipes
  • When you get to the Gate, you can always ask if there’s a spare seat available, so that they don’t have to be on your lap for the entire journey
  • A Melissa & Doug ‘Water Wow’ book.
  • Wrap everything up – it gives little hands an extra something to occupy themselves with!


If you haven’t seen yet, I’ve just launched my own Baby Sleep Tip cards, which have 28 different tips to help babies become settled sleepers. They might be useful if you are travelling with a young baby.

I hope that these tips help and thank you to my wonderful Instagram followers for contributing!

Happy flying,

Heidi x