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Please find below a list of frequently as questions.

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How long does it take to see changes in my little one’s sleep?
With a good solid sleep plan behind you, you should start to see changes in your baby’s sleep within a few days and quite often most of the hard work will be done within the first week! Your little one’s progress will depend very much on what sort of method you go for and this is always something we will discuss during the consultation phase (or if you opt for the Sleep course, after you have watched all of the method options).
There are lots of sleep consultants that will promise you a big change within a short period of time – 3 days for example. Although I see many babies who sleep through or improve on their settling within this time frame, there are also many other babies who take longer than that, so rather than give an exact length of time that it will take you, I like to suggest that within a week you will usually see some great changes and sleep improvements.
In about 5-10% of cases, usually in younger babies, there can be underlying medical or tummy issues that are affecting your child’s sleep that may not have been obvious up until the time that you start working on their sleep. If this is the case, we will sometimes need to pause the support period, whilst tackling those issues (for example reflux, or a milk intolerance) and then come back to it once baby is more comfortable.
Is working over the phone effective enough?
I often get asked whether going into a home is a better way of combating any sleep problems, rather than just working over the phone. The truth is that any of the packages are effective, as long as the plan is followed well and you are ready to embark on making those changes! Around 80% of my clients work with me on the phone, and I speak to clients all around the world, from different parts of the UK to as far a fields as Zambia and New Zealand!
What are your qualifications?
I have various different qualifications that have helped shape my journey to becoming a sleep consultant, and I have listed those all below. However, what I always say to those looking to become a sleep consultant is that the real qualification is hands on experience. I truly believe that my 9 years childcare experience leading up to becoming a sleep consultant was instrumental in me understanding not just sleep, but also the dynamics of family life and how important structure in the form of routines can be.
I cemented my experience with formula learning qualifications in Sleep and Breastfeeding, but I could also bring to the table my masters degree level Coaching Psychology and Certificates in NLP and Coaching, to bring together what I believe to be a unique take on what I have to offer as a sleep consultant.
Having now been practising as a sleep and feeding consultant for 9 years now, I can hand on heart say that my knowledge and experience has taught me more than any of the qualifications I ever took, could have done. In fact, this puts me in a unique position to be able to start offering a training course of my very own, which I hope to be launching very soon.
Is there any guarantee that things will always change?
I don’t provide such a thing as a money back guarantee, purely because I cannot control all of the variables involved in your baby or toddler learning to sleep better. There is a huge amount of the plan that is very much down to consistency and “sticking with it”.
In the event that things don’t go to plan (and this is probably 5% of cases), I will always explore other avenues with you. When doing so, I ask that you trust my experience with troubleshooting and are willing to try different things, even if it feels frustrating at the time. I will always try my best to work out what is going on and there are is always an answer to why your baby isn’t sleeping and sometimes we just need to get to the bottom of it, and it is not as obvious as just needing to learn to self-settle.
What happens if my baby becomes unwell?
I would always recommend starting any kind of sleep or behaviour plan when your baby or toddler is well in themselves. A little bit of snot is fine, babies spend their whole first few years being a bit snotty for one reason or another, but any sort of illness that affects them and causes pain or discomfort, then you are better off waiting until they are better. If we have already had the consultation, then the plan will still be valid and the support period will start on the first day that you feel ready to get started.
If your child becomes unwell halfway through the plan and is unwell in a way that means the sleep coaching cannot continue, then I will endeavour to pause your support period, returning when your child is well and healthy again.
Do I need the follow up support or will just one call be ok?
Whether or not you go for follow up support really depends on what sort of situation you currently are dealing with. If you require support with changing perhaps eating habits, or a little bit of weaning support then the follow up is not necessary and as long as you make your own notes during the call, that should be all you need.
If you are looking at a sleep package, have a think about whether you feel you will have the confidence to carry out changes on your own, or whether having someone at the end of the phone to support and guide you will be useful. I find many of my clients that book the one off call, already feel they have a good idea of their routines and sleep, and just need to ask a few questions – more clarifications really, to help get their sleep situation sorted.
Those with smaller babies often go for the follow up support, it is particularly useful if you have a baby who is refluxy or has any feeding issues, as these can impact how long it takes for their sleep to progress and we sometimes need to make variations in the plans along the way.
How long do your online courses take?
The actual material in the course itself is made to be very similar to my in-person workshops, where I present most of the sections of the course by video and it should take up to 2 hours to watch all of the individual segments. However, I have also added some text and other bits and pieces for you to look through or listen to, so it could take you a little longer than that.
There is no rush to complete the course, you have up to 3 months to complete the course, after which you will be unenrolled and no longer able to access it. That gives you plenty of time to start thinking about your sleep plan for baby and working out what sort of approach to take.
Do your methods involve crying?
In short, yes and no! If you are taking away something that your baby or toddler needs to fall to sleep, for example a dummy, or you being with them, then there is always going to be protest of some sort. This means that your little one will often cry or shout, and you will have to decide how best to respond to that.
I have no “one approach” fits all, and I prefer to take a look at the child’s current sleep situation and then take into account your specific needs too as the child’s parents. I will often ask about the pregnancy and birth, whether your baby was born from IVF, whether you feel ok about leaving your baby for small periods or whether you would like to stay with them the whole time. There is no right or wrong answer, and I will do my best to ensure that the method we use fits your parenting style and approach.

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I went from saying my 6 month old was a bad sleeper, to saying she is an amazing sleeper in 3 days. Having a consultation and personal plan with Heidi has been life changing for our whole family. We are all getting so much more sleep and have a baby who is excited to get in to her cot at night. We can’t thank Heidi enough.