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Dropping Baby’s 3am Feed…

Dropping Baby’s 3am Feed…

To Dreamfeed or not to Dreamfeed?

As long as your baby is healthy and has no medical issues, you should be able to drop his/her night feed (usually at 3am for most babies) from around 12 weeks or when they reach 5kg. Deciding to drop this feed means that you can expect baby to sleep through the night from 7pm-7am with a Dream Feed at 11pm. In order to drop this feed, you must be confident that; baby is healthy, there are no medical issues that are effecting babies ability to Sleep and in addition that baby is taking enough feeds and good amounts in the day.

Top Tips on Dropping the 3am Feed:

-Baby needs to be capable of settling themselves. If not dropping the 3am feed will also be Sleep Training for settling too…

-The first few nights you decide to drop the feed, Baby will wake as usual and you will need to help them resettle. Leave them for a few minutes and then go in and comfort them. Use “shhhhhh” and patting to remind them that they are ok and safe in their cot. Leave the room and repeat this process every couple of minutes (increasing lengths of time) until Baby then goes back to sleep. Baby may wake several times on the first few nights, continue with the settling and they will soon learn to get to 7am with out a feed.

-Baby will be hungry at 7am! So get ready for a good feed and give baby lots of positive attention and praise for doing so well at night time.