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Designing a home that works for you and the kids

Designing a home that works for you and the kids

Designing a home that works for you and the kids

Family-friendly homes can be stylish places and at Totter + Tumble, we like to think we have floor play covered for you. Our subtle memory foam playmats are designed to suit your modern home and protect little movers too, with different aesthetics and two sizes available to suit different spaces. If you need some interiors inspiration for your own family home, here are some of our favourite spaces that consider both child and adult equally.

Keep open plan spaces clutter free

Open plan living allows the free flow of movement and light – and the ability to keep an eye on the kids playing as you make a cup of tea! Interior designer and founder of Pop & Punch (link:https://popandpunch.com/), Laura (link:https://www.instagram.com/popandpunch/) has styled her open plan living space to work for the whole family, with contemporary colour blocking and a playful, graphic gallery wall which can be updated easily with new prints. During the day, The Dreamer (link:https://totterandtumble.co.uk/products/the-dreamer-playmat) playmat creates a separate yet communal space for everyone to be able to get down on the floor and read or play together. Post bedtime, it becomes a clutter-free space with the floor cushions suspended from the hooks on the wall and toys stored in the rustic wooden trunk.

Create kitchens that can host both adults and children

The hub of the home is often a gathering place for the whole family as well as a place to host adults. For roomy kitchens, nooks for play and sitting allow visitors big and small to utilise the space well. Ashlee (link:https://www.instagram.com/the_suffolk_nest/) has chosen The Roamer (link:https://totterandtumble.co.uk/products/the-roamer-playmat) for her kitchen extension, creating a safe area for little ones to play on the hard stone floor. Toys are kept tidy in a stylish weaved basket which can be popped onto the playmat when little ones are roaming around but then stored into an empty kitchen cupboard once playtime is over, so you can host without any clutter! The neutral colour scheme lends itself to a Montessori (link:https://totterandtumble.co.uk/blogs/news/what-the-montessori) feel perfect for the little ones and a calming atmosphere for adult’s quiet moments as well.

Make small spaces multipurpose

When the living room and the playroom are in one, you can still achieve functionality for all members of the family without losing your style. We believe the key is in sustainability, choosing items and planning your layout that will work for years to come. Tahnee (link:https://www.instagram.com/tahnee_mariee1/) chose The Wanderer (link: https://totterandtumble.co.uk/collections/the-scout-the-wanderer/products/the-wanderer-playmat) to complement the colour scheme in living-come-playroom. It’s the ideal base for her little ones playing during the day, but serves a purpose as a stylish floor covering and a space for exercise in the evenings as well.  Utilising wasted space is a great tip for smaller, multipurpose snugs like this. Redundant space on the back of doors or under sofas, can be used for storing things away!

Don’t compromise on your style

Life changes forever once children arrive and whilst we talk openly and often about the array of positives, it can sometimes also feel like you lose a sense of your pre-child identity. It doesn’t have to be that way when it comes to your home, with cool kid’s brands designing toys and storage solutions that fit alongside your own unique sense of home style. You can complement your own home accessories by choosing quirky toys that look great kept on display, rather than being shoved away. And The Scout playmat (link:https://totterandtumble.co.uk/collections/the-scout-the-wanderer/products/the-scout) as seen in the home of Jo(link:https://www.instagram.com/minimaisonuk/), founder of Mini Maison (link:https://minimaison.co.uk/), has a modern look which suits her home with mixed architectural charm. She pairs child-friendly designs, such as the low sofa, alongside her penchant for contemporary fixtures. It’s a gorgeous space that serves both the adults tastes and the kids needs.

Totter + Tumble luxury playmats are designed to suit modern interiors. For family homes, they are a practical and stylish pick, perfect from birth and beyond.

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