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Day in the life of a cloth bum mum

Day in the life of a cloth bum mum

Katrina from Peanut and Poppet

I’m here to spill the beans on what it’s like being a cloth bum mum… My name is Katrina, I’m a cloth nappy mummy to a 2 year-old and very proud owner of Peanut and Poppet – my cloth nappy shop.

What does my day look like?

It’s a lot like a day in the life of any mum. There are early morning wake ups, tantrums, school runs to dash out the door for, cuddles, singing, dancing and generally being daft in order to keep the small humans entertained!

Parenting is no mean feat and that’s why I use cloth nappies to make my life easier.

There are a few things that make my day unique…

  1. I take my toddler to work with me almost every day as a cloth nappy specialist, balancing mum and work life like an expert plate spinner (okay maybe it’s more like a tired plate spinner who’s always just on the edge of dropping them but I digress)
  2. Instead of putting my nappies in the bin and buying more I put them in the wash and reuse them
  3. Twice a week I wash and dry a load of nappies

Why do I think reusable nappies are easier?

Have I lost my marbles? Potentially, but not because of nappy washing… Cloth nappies are easier because they are bomb proof and contain accidents so well! I never get poo explosions and I’ve never had multiple outfit changes, I never run out of nappies or wipes, they save me money and time, I put the bins out less and disposable wipes are terrible, making clean up harder so cloth wipes save me a lot of hassle. We’ve also never had nappy rash which is a huge thing for me as my older son was in disposable nappies and really suffered.

Here’s the SHOCKER, you’re supposed to remove poo from disposable nappies too… so it really isn’t any different. I put a wash on and disposable users dash to the shops for more supplies.

How does a cloth bum mum spend their day? SPOILER ALERT, it’s not bent over scrubbing nappies.

7am – RISE AND SHINE. If I haven’t already been awoken by one or both of my children, my alarm will lovingly wake me up much to my dismay. HOW IS IT ALREADY MORNING?

Normally the children are both awake and ready to go. Off we trot downstairs to feed these hungry boys and make mummy a coffee!

7:15am – the sounds of a frustrated toddler ring in my ears as he wants to pour his oat milk into a bowl that he’s put approximately 3 Cheerio’s into. I spend 5 minutes convincing him he needs more cereal to go with his milk.

7:30am – BREAKFAST. Everyone is happily munching away as I flick on the kettle, get out the coffee and make a bowl of cereal for myself.

7:35am – MORE MILK MAMA my toddler is obsessed with his oat milk. As soon as he sits down with his bowl he drinks the milk and proceeds to ask for more at least twice.

7:50am – Nappy change. 3 bowls of milk later we are finally cleaned and ready to do our first nappy of the day. My toddler is nearly 2 and practically dry overnight so his nappy isn’t very wet, I take it off, wipe him over with reusable baby wipes, put on a fresh nappy and add the dirty one to my nappy pail.

We all get dressed, my 5-year-old declares that he HATES getting dressed and makes a song and dance about it for a good 15 minutes.

8:30am – time for shoes and bags as we head out the door for our walk to school.

The rest of the day I spend with my 2-year-old, changing perhaps 2-3 more cloth nappies and adding them to the large wet bag that stores all of our nappies until wash day. We remove any poo by simply holding the nappy under the toilet flush and that’s it. There is no bucket of soaking nappies, no boiling or scrubbing by hand – not in this day and age! Come wash day it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Add dirty nappies to the washing machine and run a quick wash. I actually like to do this at night because it saves heaps of time!
  2. Add a few small items to the wash to bulk it out, pop a container of powder detergent into the drum and set the timer so that my main wash finishes when I’m getting up in the morning.
  3. Hang up the nappies to dry. Sometimes when it’s cold I tumble dry them on a low temperature.

I switched to cloth nappies when my son was 2 weeks-old, and I quickly realised that it is not as difficult as you may think. I had intended to use reusable nappies from birth but recovering from my c-section and going through an awful struggle with feeding meant it got put on the back burner.

While I might sound like a total hippy to some of you, I actually started using cloth nappies to save money. Babies are expensive and I’m the type of person who LOVES a budget and saving money… I knew before I had even gotten pregnant that I wanted to use cloth nappies after I realised how much money we’d save.

I quickly learnt a lot more about the environmental impact of using disposable nappies and wipes and couldn’t believe how I had been so blind to it before. My lifestyle soon changed, and I have now incorporated a lot of eco-friendly swaps in to our everyday lives. Simple things like reusable kitchen roll, shampoo bars and shower bars for instance.

If it’s something you’re thinking about trying I’d recommend getting a few different types of nappies or hiring a kit to see what works best for you. The best advice I can give is to do your research and start by filling out a cloth nappy advice questionnaire that will give you personalised recommendations.  I personally like pocket nappies, because they’re easy to use and dry but I thought I would prefer an all-in-two nappy originally. We use all natural inserts that are really absorbent, so I have never had an issue with leaks.

If you want to give cloth nappies a go but aren’t sure where to start don’t worry! It’s not that hard once you get into the routine. I’m so happy to have made the change to cloth and I’m very proud to say that my 5-year-old is baffled that someone would throw a nappy in the bin after he saw a disposable nappy being changed. I feel like I’m shaping his future and teaching him lifelong habits to be kinder to the planet.


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