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006: A Home Birth Story

It’s my baby’s first birthday this week, and to celebrate I wanted to reflect back on his birth and give an idea of what it is a home birth might look like! I often get messages asking about whether I felt having a home birth was risky, or whether I would do it again given…
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005: Let’s Talk Routines

It’s bedtime, you’re tired, why aren’t they? The entire week revolves around your baby and their needs! It’s exhausting trying to figure out what your baby wants and what will settle them. In this episode, you will hear how a routine is one of the best and most influential things you can do not only…
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004: Understanding Your Baby’s Sleep Cycles

Sleep is natural, right? Shouldn’t it be as simple as breathing or eating? How do you feel on little-to-no sleep? Some of the biggest challenges with parenting involve understanding and influencing your baby’s sleep habits. In today’s episode, we will dig deep and get ourselves familiar with baby sleep cycles and that dreaded 4 month…
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003: The Weaning Journey Started Off Right

What is it that you can do to give your little one the best start on their weaning journey? Are their little habits behavioral? And if so, what can we do as parents to help them through the transition from milk to more substantial foods? In today’s episode I take you through some advice to…
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002: The Things That No One Tells You About Those Early Days of Sleep

We have all heard it, right? Babies just don’t sleep! Today I will give you three tips to get your newborn settled and sleeping in those early days. We will also talk to one of my sleep clients about the things she wished she would have known about sleep before she had her first baby.…
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001: Parenting Across Generations

Parenting advice has changed tremendously over the years hasn’t it? However, the same issues still remain: lack of sleep, fussy eating, mum guilt, potty training… the list goes on. In today’s episode I take you through parenting across generations, using my skills as a parent and baby coach to adapt to our ever-changing world and…
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