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Testimonials: don’t take my word for it

My work as a baby sleep consultant gives me the most amazing feedback and a lot of the time I am helping give parents back their sanity, sleep, confidence and sometimes even relationships. Parenting is hard, and full of judgements, so to be that person to help a client create positive change for their whole family is such a special role. The messages I receive at the end of working with a client are just wonderful.

The best decision we made was getting in contact with Heidi. Our 6 month old daughter had a good routine but was not sleeping well during the day and poor at self settling. Heidi helped us refine her bedtime and gave us good advice and tips. Within one day she was sleeping through the night and day time sleep was improving as well. We feel much calmer parents as a result. Heidi’s sleep plans are easy to follow, caring and support both baby and parent. Highly recommend.

Gemma Hopkinson

I couldn’t recommend Heidi more highly. After starting weaning our 7 month old starting waking continually through the night, having previously been a good sleeper. Heidi guided us through the different foods we had been offering our baby – we had no idea that diet and certain foods could make such a difference to sleep. Within a week sleep was back on track and we had a clear routine established again. We couldn’t be more grateful!

Rosina Bradshaw

I went from saying my 6 month old was a bad sleeper, to saying she is an amazing sleeper in 3 days. Having a consultation and personal plan with Heidi has been life changing for our whole family. We are all getting so much more sleep and have a baby who is excited to get in to her cot at night. We can’t thank Heidi enough.

Sophie Thomas

Walking for 4 hours a day to make sure my twins got the naps they needed was exhausting. I was terrified to stop in case they woke up. Someone told me to call Heidi and she came to see us and the boys. She put together a very straight forward plan which wasn’t scary at all. Within a few days the boys were settling themselves to sleep in their cots for day time naps. We then tackled dropping the night feed, then the dream feed, both of which happened much easier than expected thanks to Heidi’s advice.

We now have 2 happy boys who sleep for 12 hours at night and are often smiling before and after a nap. It’s made such a difference to all of us and Heidi is so lovely to talk to. If you need help – call her – it’s a no brainer!

Melissa Mould

My wife and I couldn’t recommend Heidi enough!

Our 5 month old was waking up every 2 hours during the night, he wouldn’t sleep his naps unless he was carried, rocked or rolled in the pram. We were barely sleeping, but were afraid of sleep training too early. After a conversation with Heidi, my wife’s mind was put at ease as she felt that not only was she extremely knowledgeable , but she was also listening to our particular worries and needs as a family. Shortly after, we received a personalised, detailed plan to sleep coach our baby.

The process was a lot smoother than we expected. Our baby was self-settling, sleeping through the night and having his naps in his cot by the third day!!! Heidi was very helpful and was available to answer our questions and clear our doubts at all times. Thank you Heidi!

Chris W

We cannot recommend Heidi highly enough. She is very kind, understanding and reassuring. She answered all of our questions and the contact via whataspp after our initial meeting was hugely helpful.

I was initially sceptical of allowing our baby to cry at all as I had tried controlled crying on my own several months before and it hadn’t worked and had seemed to make our daughter much more clingy. Heidi reassured us with some of the reasons this may have been.

When we contacted Heidi, our 11 month old daughter was waking up roughly six times a night and being fed to sleep but Heidi helped us put a plan in place. On the first night our daughter fell asleep after only 17 minutes of crying (I had imagined it might take 2 hours). By the third night she was sleeping through – roughly 6.30pm to 6am. Now, a month on, she enjoys her sleep and bedtime routine so much more and happily settles herself in her cot. I am completely converted and feel it was absolutely the right thing. What a difference – thank you Heidi!

Christiana S-L

Life changing! We are so happy we found Heidi. She adjusted the day schedule and night routine of our baby. Yes, the first 1-2 days are a big tough but the … what a pleasure to sleep through the night. We initially thought we were doing the sleep training for us, but the best part is that once our son was able to sleep through the night, we realized he was also much better! Better mood, eating more, the whole family is happier! Thanks Heidi! Strongly recommended.

Francesco Urso

In just one visit Heidi has changed everything for the better! My 4 month old can now self settle, have long lunch time naps in the cot and even do the 4pm nap in the cot. I love that it is not a one size fits all approach and that she works with your situation and how you want to approach it. Her knowledge of reflux and her experience in the area of baby sleep is amazing and so reassuring. She is well worth the investment! Thank you Heidi!

Philippa Goodhew

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