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More about Vicki Baker, Sleep Consultant

Vicki lives in Bristol with her husband, their nearly 2 year old daughter Clemmie, and two badly behaved pets, Nala and Charlie. Having spent the first 12 years of her career as a Social Worker, Vicki has always loved working with families. Alongside her work with The Parent and Baby Coach, she also works part time as a Post-Adoption Support Worker, which she finds wonderfully challenging and enjoyable all at the same time.

Vicki first heard about The Parent and Baby Coach a few years ago after Heidi worked her sleep magic on a friend’s baby. When Vicki and her husband were lucky enough to welcome their bundle of joy (and noise!) via IVF, they, like most new parents, were filled with so many different emotions – joy, fear, excitement, nerves and everything in between. They knew they wanted a gentle routine but didn’t know where or how to start and weren’t totally comfortable with the approaches they found in various well-known books.

After seeing how Heidi transformed her friend’s baby, Vicki knew exactly where to turn for help and she says, looking back, that buying Heidi’s online course was the best decision she ever made for their family. The online videos made a huge difference and helped guide Vicki and her husband every step of the way with the confidence and reassurance they needed.

In Vicki’s own words, “I am over the moon to be joining The Parent and Baby Coach and am so excited to be helping other parents, just as Heidi did for me. Over the last couple of years, I have become passionate about healthy sleep and routines – ultimately my aim will always be to support, guide and enable you as the parents to achieve the balance and well-being you are aiming for. I look forward to working together soon!”


Book a Package with Vicki

We offer a range of packages to suit your needs, your family and your budget. You can select the options below to find out more about our encouraging and empowering packages and book with Vicki. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.



Perfect for:

Early waking, linking day sleep cycles. Not suitable for babies who cannot settle to sleep unaided or night waking issues.


– One 30 minute phone call
– A routine of choce
– No follow up



Perfect for:

Parents with confidence to make their own changes without additional support or older babies 6m +.


– One 45 minute phone call
– A routine of choce
– No follow up



Perfect for:

Younger babies, babies with reflux, excessive night waking or very difficult sleepers. Parents who prefer an individualised approach.


– One 45 minute call
– Follow Up Email with main points from discussion
– Sleep Method recommendation (PDF attachment)
– 10 days WhatsApp Support
– 15 minute check in call after 10 days
– Access to the Baby or Toddler Sleep Course to help you fully understand the changes made.

Please note that by booking a package, you accept the Terms and Conditions


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