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About the Parent and Baby Coach

Supporting and empowering families for over 18 years

As a Baby Sleep Coach, I now have over 9 years experience in working one to one with families and a total of 18 years childcare experience! I truly understand what it means to become a parent and am passionate about families being able to enjoy those precious first few years. By empowering you with knowledge, I want to enable families to make the right decisions, creating calm and contented children and confident parents.

I work with families either one to one through my 1-1 parenting packages or via my online parenting courses which cover topics such as baby sleep, behaviour, weaning and potty training.


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I believe that giving birth is a huge subject that, despite experiencing it twice, and I do feel that we don’t always know that much about it. In schools we[…]

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The word routine brings dread to so many people but also can bring confidence and joy. It’s a controversial word, I know. What is a routine? A routine is a[…]

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Understanding Your Baby’s Sleep Cycles

Sleep cycles are something that we see written and spoken about a lot but, ultimately, I think a really good understanding of what a sleep cycle means and how it[…]

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