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023: Nurturing Our Relationships with Michaela Thomas

023: Nurturing Our Relationships with Michaela Thomas

When you bring a child into the family, everything changes. You and your partner might be so exhausted or overwhelmed that you are bickering or at odds because of it. And from one parent to another, I’ve been there! If you are currently struggling with balancing parenting and your relationship or want to do some preparation before baby arrives, then this episode is for you! On today’s show, I speak with Michaela Thomas, a clinical psychologist and couples therapist as she takes us through how we can meet our children’s needs and nurture our relationship at the same time. 

This episode is for you if you want to learn:

  • How perfectionism could be negatively affecting your parental mental health
  • The importance of recalibrating your priorities and what question to ask yourself to help you do it
  • How you could be helping your child by exhibiting healthy communication with your partner
  • The importance of compassion and kindness and where you need to direct it FIRST
  • Releasing the societal pressures around the “super mom”
  • The discrepancy between how men and women have been socialized to express their feelings and how this plays a role in your relationship when parenting
  • Michaela’s TOP TIPS for nurturing your relationship in the newborn baby stage
  • Prevention versus intervention and releasing the stigma of therapy
  • And so much more!

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