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022: The Truth about Sleep Training

022: The Truth about Sleep Training

the truth about sleep training

As an experienced sleep consultant, I see many parents that struggle with their little ones settling or staying asleep. This is a very common problem, but the truth is – it does not have to be a problem for your family. There are gentle, loving ways to teach our children these essential sleep skills. On today’s episode, I take you through the common misconceptions about sleep training and what it really means to teach your child how to settle. We go over the methods it covers, the effects it can have on your baby’s sleep, and the benefits it can have for the entire family when you guide your child through developing good sleep habits. 

This episode is for you if you want to learn:

  • The importance of setting up good sleep habits for your baby early on. 
  • What sleep training actually is and why the argument against it holds a lot of misinformation. 
  • The BIGGEST benefits that come from sleep coaching your baby. 
  • What to look out for if your child is having trouble settling (there might be a simple solution!)
  • The main approaches and which one I believe is not the answer for most parents. 
  • Important evidence linking sleep training to a healthier, more rested child. 
  • The BIGGEST argument for sorting your little one’s sleep. 
  • And more!

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