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018: Dads Matter Too

018: Dads Matter Too

dads matter too

This episode is dedicated to all the dads out there! In those early days there is so much emphasis on baby and mum, from labor and recovery to bringing your little one home, sometimes we forget to acknowledge that the father is going through a massive change too! Today I give you my top tips for becoming a father and the important things moms can be doing to nurture the relationship between father and baby.

Today I share with you:

  • The surprising difference for dads during the labor experience and how to be a support for them in the early postnatal period.
  • My BIGGEST piece of advice for moms in the early days to encourage the bond between dad and baby. 
  • How to balance sleep between mum and dad and an important tip from my days as a night nurse. 
  • One practical way you can nurture the relationship between dad and baby (and it helps mum too!)
  • My favorite way to refocus on the relationship between mum and dad after baby has arrived (and why this is so important!)
  • A touching interview with 2 dads who recently had babies and their experience with the practical and emotional aspects of new fatherhood. 
  • And more!

Connect with me: www.theparentandbabycoach.com

Some helpful resources if you or dad is struggling: https://www.mind.org.uk/information-support/types-of-mental-health-problems/postnatal-depression-and-perinatal-mental-health/partners/



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