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013: Dropping Naps

013: Dropping Naps

You may be asking yourself if now is the time to drop that third or second nap, or your child’s nap all together. I am here to tell you that it is possible to get through this time with some ease, no matter what nap transition your child is going through! On today’s episode, I take you through when and how to do it and how to cope with the transition. We focus on the signs that your little one’s nap is on the way out and why it is important to continue trying even when the transition feels looming. Let’s get into the 3 nap transitions and get your child the sleep they need at any age and stage!

We go over:

  • My BIGGEST tip to eliminate sleep struggles when dropping the nap.
  • Creating an alternative for toddlers moving to a no-nap schedule.
  • Early bedtimes and why they work!
  • The mistake of eliminating nap too soon due to age appropriate sleep regressions.
  • Adjusting awake times on either side of the nap to get your child the rest they need.
  • And more!

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