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011: Why I Don’t Believe In Colic

011: Why I Don’t Believe In Colic

why I don't believe in colic

It’s late, your baby has been crying for over 3 hours and you’ve pulled out your last strand of hair BECAUSE IT’S BEEN HAPPENING FOR WEEKS! Telling us it’s colic and they will get over it is not good enough; not for me, and not for my clients! In today’s episode I am going to be blunt about colic and tell you that I believe it’s something else. Your baby uses crying to communicate so let’s keep at it and figure out what your baby is telling us, so that you and your baby can rest easier and be happier.

Today I share with you:

  • My biggest top tip for what might actually be causing your baby discomfort.
  • How hunger plays a factor especially if you’re breast feeding.
  • Gut health and what foods can make your baby uncomfortable.
  • The benefits of good sleep habits and how they can affect your baby’s colic-like behavior.
  • And much more!

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