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008: Top Fussy Eating Tips

008: Top Fussy Eating Tips

top fussy eating tips

One of the most joyful or dreadful things you can do, as a family with toddlers, is sit and eat a meal. So which one is it, do you find joy or do you dread eating at home with your toddler? There is reprieve in knowing, at some point, most little ones become fussy eaters. Good eating habits is something that will benefit your child for the rest of their life so on today’s episode, we will be discussing my top eating tips and theories for toddlers aged 12 months and up as well as a case study with a sweet 2 and a half year old boy and his hidden habit.

Today we will work through:

  • Tips on snacking, portion size, and alternative meals.
  • How to take back the control your toddler has over eating.
  • Awareness for the spiral you may be in and how to break out of it.
  • How to make changes that are slow, controlled, and kind.
  • And more!

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