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007: Encouraging Toddlers to Listen

007: Encouraging Toddlers to Listen

Encouraging Toddlers to Listen

Your patience is probably wearing thin as we sit in this “Limbo Lockdown,” and your toddler is no exception. If, on top of all the stress of quarantine, you’re struggling with a toddler who just doesn’t seem to listen, you’re not alone and you’re going to love today’s episode! This is my favorite parenting subject to talk about and I’m so excited to help you improve communication with your toddler today.

This episode is for you if you want to learn:

  • My favorite strategies to put in place to help your toddler listen.
  • Insight on the science that is preventing your toddler from following directions.
  • Top tips to get your toddler interested in listening to you.
  • Physical cues that will encourage better communication with your toddler.
  • And much more!

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