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006: A Home Birth Story

006: A Home Birth Story

A Home Birth Story

It’s my baby’s first birthday this week, and to celebrate I wanted to reflect back on his birth and give an idea of what it is a home birth might look like! I often get messages asking about whether I felt having a home birth was risky, or whether I would do it again given the added complication of being transferred to hospital – so I wanted to cover my birthing story to help cover off some of those questions. The role of hypnobirthing in having a confident birth still blows my mind, even now, so I’ve also asked the lovely Katy from “The Birth Thing”  to chat all things hypnobirthing and preparing for a confident and calm birth for your baby.

In this episode we’re diving into:

  • Examples of letting your body take the lead
  • How to navigate the surprises that may come with your home birth
  • An introduction to Hypnobirthing and where it can help with your delivery.
  • How to reframe your expectations and understand the distinction between a positive birth vs. a perfect one. 
  • And much more!

Katy Baker @thebirththing www.thebirththing.com 

You can find the birth story of my first baby at www.theparentandbabycoach.com/blog 

Connect with me: www.theparentandbabycoach.com

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