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005: Let’s Talk Routines

005: Let’s Talk Routines

Let's talk routines

It’s bedtime, you’re tired, why aren’t they? The entire week revolves around your baby and their needs! It’s exhausting trying to figure out what your baby wants and what will settle them. In this episode, you will hear how a routine is one of the best and most influential things you can do not only for your baby, but for the family and the relationships therein. Yes, there are obstacles, every baby is different and everyone has to play their part. But I promise, and studies have shown, that a routine leads to better behavior and attitude for your baby and FREEDOM for you!

We will discuss:

  • How to influence how well your child sleeps
  • Steps to create and enjoy a routine for you and your baby
  • The social and behavioral benefits that come from structure
  • Tips to promote self-soothing and settling
  • And much more!

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