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001: Parenting Across Generations

001: Parenting Across Generations

Parenting advice has changed tremendously over the years hasn’t it? However, the same issues still remain: lack of sleep, fussy eating, mum guilt, potty training… the list goes on. In today’s episode I take you through parenting across generations, using my skills as a parent and baby coach to adapt to our ever-changing world and give you a personal account from my very first sleep client.

We’ll go over:

  • How I took my master’s degree in psychology and extensive childcare experience and began using it to improve the lives of families and their precious babies
  • A case study with my first sleep client and how we turned it around for her. From feelings of desperation with a baby who woke every 15 minutes, to relief when her little one was finally resting well. 
  • Specific examples of parenting styles in years past and surprising parenting advice from your mum and grandmother
  • And much more

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