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Baby Sleep and Routine Coach;
supporting and empowering parents

As a Baby Sleep Coach and Consultant, Heidi understands that the transition to parenthood can be a challenging time. She believes it can also be a very rewarding time with the right advice and by helping parents find solutions to any issues they face, Heidi hopes to inspire many more parents to have the confidence to bring up happy, healthy and positive children.


About Heidi

I have helped over 2,000 families to date with baby sleep, reflux, weaning and toddler behaviour. The Parent and Baby Coach now reaches parents as far a field as Zambia and the USA! I still work one to one with many parents, often over the phone or by visiting their homes, and I have recently launched my online parenting courses which are giving parents the support and advice they need on key parenting areas such as sleep, feeding, and toddler behaviour, without even needing to leave their homes.


Sleep and Behaviour Parenting Packages and Workshops

From antenatal, through birth and into the toddler years, Heidi offers expert advice and support on all areas of parenting for ages 0-4 years with a range of baby sleep consultant packages and parenting workshops from baby sleep to potty training.


As The Parent and Baby Coach, I offer a range of packages to suit both your needs, your family and your budget. Whether you wish to work with me in your home to help establish great feeding and sleeping habits, or prefer to work over the phone, there are different options to suit your specific needs.


We hold two hour workshops in London, and online workshops which cover the following topics: Baby Sleep & Routine, Baby Weaning, Potty Training for Parents, Reflux and CMPA/CMPI, Toddler Sleep, Toddler Behaviour

Here to help you

If you are in need of a baby sleep consultant, or would like more information on The Parent and Baby Coach Services, please contact us; we are here to support and empower you and your family.


Don’t take our word for it

My work as a baby sleep consultant gives me the most amazing feedback and a lot of the time I am helping give parents back their sanity, sleep, confidence and sometimes even relationships.

Parenting is hard, and full of judgements, so to be that person to help a client create positive change for their whole family is such a special role.

The messages I receive at the end of working with a client are just wonderful.

“…best money we spent all year. Thank you Heidi for giving us our lives back.”

Mrs V,L. SW18

“You’ve been amazing…Thank you so much for everything you have done for us.”

Mrs O,E. SW18

“Great Workshop…we learned a lot…the system really has been working for us so far!”

Mr S,M. SW11

“Heidi was a complete revelation. It was like having a manual tailor-made to our baby and only a text message away.”

Mrs L Barnes

“…an invaluable resource. She inspired confidence from the first time we met her and our confidence in her and her advice grew rapidly…”

Mrs C,B. SW11

“Heidi is incredibly knowledgeable, compassionate and kind and a true expert in her field.”

David & Annys, London