Postnatal Depression

Experiencing Postnatal Depression can be a very difficult and lonely time, with a new baby to look after and a family to keep running – it can sometimes be hard to manage. Feeling down and experiencing these emotions happens to many new mothers and there is help available. Accepting that you may need some help with the way you are feeling is a great step forward and is definitely not a sign of weakness. Tackling those emotions and developing coping strategies will help you deal with your postnatal depression whilst being supported by an expert who has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of postnatal depression.

The Parent and Baby Coach offers a number of options for Mother’s who believe they are experiencing postnatal depression

In-House Support
£30/hour (min 4 hours)

Heidi will come and visit you and your baby in your home, to help support and advise on any issues related to parenting and postnatal depression. During this time, you will feel supported and confident and Heidi will work with you to become a confident new parent, whilst tackling anxiety and depressive thoughts as they arise.

Postnatal Depression Talk Therapy
£50/one hour session

Using recognised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy tools and coaching practices, Heidi will help you deal with the emotions and thoughts associated with Postnatal Depression. Having talk therapy on a regular basis has been found to be as effective as drugs at dealing with Postnatal Illness. Sessions are by the hour and are recommended at weekly intervals or more if required.

If you think you have postnatal depression, and would like to speak to someone, call Heidi for a free initial chat on 0330 6600 204.