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Our Parenting Workshops are fun, friendly and super informative! A great place to meet new friends and share your Parenting Experience…

Baby Sleep and Routine Workshop – Wednesday 11th Feb 7.30-9.30pm SW11. Come along and learn the basics of Baby Sleep, how to create good Sleep Associations and how to use troubleshooting methods to get Baby out of bad sleep associations and patterns. Includes two weeks of follow up email support. £60/person.

Introduction to Weaning Workshop – Thursday 19th Feb 10am (2 hours) shutterstock_221589064SW11 Come along and learn the signs that your Baby is ready to wean, where to start, which foods to give, which foods not to give, whether to start with Baby Led Weaning or not and how to prepare and store food. £60/person.

Daddy-to-be Workshop – Saturday 21st Feb, SW11, 9.30am A workshop designed exclusively for expectant Fathers. Come along and learn the general baby care areas such as feeding, sleep and bathing. Learn how best to support your partner at this time of transition and how to be the best father you can be whilst increasing your confidence and meeting new dads along the way. £65/person.

Twins Sleep and Routine Workshop – Wednesday 25th Feb 7.30pm SW11 – Hugely popular in 2014, our twins workshop covers sleep and routine but from the angle of parenting of twins. Learn how to help your babies sleep, establishing good sleep habits for your little ones and how to sleep train twins! Run by Heidi who has years of experience “fixing” twins Sleep problems. £60/person

 If there is a topic that you would like to see appearing as a workshop on our list, please feel free to email suggestions to [email protected] . We often provide classes for small groups of friends or NCT so if there is a subject you would like covered, please do not hesitate to ask!