Workshops-CorporateWhilst understanding the needs of new parents as employees, we also understand that for an employer time is money and that is why our 60 minutes workshops covering a range of parenting topics are perfect for groups of employees who want to benefit from expertise but do not need coaching on a one-to-one basis.

Our interactive sessions cover parenting issues by defining key parenting topics, explaining that area using high level expertise and identifying strategies and practical tips that employees can take away from the session in order to help them become a more confident parent and a highly engaged employee.

Topics covered include:

  • Sleep and Routines – A Parents guide to avoiding Sleep Deprivation
  • Postive Parenting and Discipline – Helping Parents Plan how to get the most from their Children
  • Preparing for Life as a Parent – Relationship Changes and Balancing Work and Home Life

New and Popular for 2014: Becoming a Daddy – How to make the Transition to Fatherhood Smooth and Effective for Work and Home.

To discuss workshop options, or create a more tailored package to suit your business, please contact us on 020 7525 9154.