Parenting Workshops

We have several upcoming Baby Sleep and Routine workshops scheduled! If you are interested in another workshop listed below, please contact us, or subscribe to learn as new events are scheduled. *

Baby Sleep & Routine

Baby Sleep Cycles
How much sleep should baby be getting
Routines for babies 0-12 months
Establishing day and night
Creating good sleep habits
Problem sleep associations
Sleep training methods
Dropping the night feed

Baby Weaning

When to Start Weaning
Spoon vs Baby Led approach
First foods
Cooking and storage
Stage 2 and 3 foods
How to prevent fussy eating
Finger foods
How to deal with a choking Baby

Baby Play & Development

Sensory play for babies aged 0-12 months
Emotional Intelligence
How to communicate with your baby
Baby massage
Games and toys for babies
Activities and stimulation

Potty Training for Parents

For parents with children who are nearing potty training age
When to start
Signs your child is ready
What do you need?
Stages of potty training
Troubleshooting – accidents and problems

Baby Massage

Bring baby along and learn….Baby Massage for the whole body; arms, chest, back, tummy, legs and face
Learn techniques to help aid sleep and digestion
Colic and Wind routine
Baby Yoga exercises
Sensory Play

Toddler Sleep Training

A 2 hour workshop looking at techniques for helping your toddler stay in bed including:
Sleep training methods
Gentle sleep aids for 1-4 year olds
Early Morning Waking
Moving from Cot to Bed
Sleep Regressions

Toddlers at the Table Workshop

A super informative evening workshop covering all aspects of Toddler eating from 12 to 36 months including:
Realistic expectations for your toddlers mealtimes
Toddler Nutrition, Snacking, Food on the Go
Homemade vs Ready made foods
Mealtime Behaviours
What to do when your Toddler will not eat?
To hide or not to hide; vegetables, meats and fruits
Live Cooking Demo’s – speedy suppers, plan ahead meals and finger foods
Allergies and Alternatives

Toddler Behaviour Workshop

A 2 hour workshop looking at techniques for managing your toddler's behaviour:
Toddler Tantrums
The Use of 'No'
Fussy Eating
Toddler Sleep Regressions
Speech & Development
Discipline & Praise
*We regret to inform that we are unable to offer refunds on Workshop places booked through the online booking system, due to these workshops being very popular and often selling out.