Becoming a parent is a major life transition that many employees will go through. By supporting employees at this crucial time, key talent can be retained.Coaching - Corporate Parent coaching during this transitional period can increase employee engagement and helps new parents to remain to feel valued by their company. A parent who has support during the transition to parenthood is more confident in adapting to this new role and therefore takes on both roles as parent and employee with more energy, motivation and creativity.

Invest in a New Parent Coaching Strategy Plan now and retain your Key Talent as well as Enhancing Performance as quickly as possible following Maternity/Paternity leave.

Various coaching packages are available, please use the contact page to discuss your strategy and requirements.

Key advantages of a New Parent Coaching Plan:

  • Increased productivity and creativity in your workplace
  • Employees are more confident at making choice in relation to work and home
  • Higher engagement and employee satisfaction
  • Less sleep deprived parents makes for a more focused and energetic workforce