Home PageThe Parent and Baby Coach offers specialist expert advice for parents adjusting to life as a new family. Using emotional coaching solutions and consultancy on practical parenting issues, The Parent and Baby Coach helps parents understand the challenges they are facing and helps create realistic goals and steps forward to achieving fulfillment as a parent as well as in other areas of life may that be relationships, careers or personal challenges and family matters.

In coaching sessions, using Cognitive Behavioural Coaching as a framework, I can help you recognise your thoughts, feeling and emotions that are coming between you achieving your full potential as a parent. The decisions, choices and behaviours you choose have a huge impact on parenting style and long term on your childs development, therefore establishing confident parenting styles and ability to deal with challenging issues during the early years sets down a great framework for becoming the parent and person you want to be.

Child milestones are also very important in parenting and knowing what to do at the right time can be a challenge for any parent. Using a consultation service, The Parent and Baby Coach can help you address key parenting challenges such as sleeping, behaviour and discipline, potty training, weaning and so forth.

Whether you are an individual searching for answers to private issues or a corporate company looking for initiatives to improve key staff retainment for employees undertaking the transition to parenthood, I can offer individual and tailored solutions and coaching plans that will create an energetic, productive and positive generation of new parents.